19 May 2017
– by Ilze-Marie Le Roux

Eskom’s chief nuclear officer Dave Nichols says nuclear technology is one of the only options South Africa has to ensure the lights stay on in the future.

Nichols was part of a panel discussion at the Africa Utility Week Conference in Cape Town on Thursday morning. 

Last month, the Western Cape High court ruled the country’s new nuclear build programme couldn’t go ahead, citing procedural concerns.

Nichols has told delegates that Eskom’s current nuclear power facility runs at a fraction of the cost of its other technologies, adding it is also the cleanest. 

He says besides environmental concerns; the country’s coal power stations are coming to the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Nichols says sources other than coal and nuclear have not yet been proven successful and sustainable in South Africa.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

Article source: ewn.co.za

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  • Llewellyn Hunt

    Every man made machine has a limited life span, and the mines on which the power-stations are dependent, are being worked out, so that other sources become necessary. THORIUM is a suitable source of energy and can be utilised in modular power-stations, spread throughout the country, to save transmission costs and the need for very highly priced renewable power which in many cases is only partly reliable Where mines are becoming depleted, heavy trucks congest the highways carrying coal to the power-stations, and at the same time damaging Bitumenised roads .