13 March 2018
– by Errol Naidoo

The Multi-Party Women’s Caucus (MPWC) hosted a Summit in Parliament on 6 March to hear oral submissions on the SA Law Reform Commission’s (SALRC) Report on Adult Prostitution.

But according to women’s rights group, Embrace Dignity not only is the MPWC not the appropriate body to lead this process – it is biased in favour of decriminalised prostitution.

Apparently, The Chairperson of the Caucus, Ms Masefele Morutoa has repeatedly stated the Multi-Party Women’s Caucus has adopted a position calling for the total decriminalisation of prostitution, even though there is no evidence of this decision being adopted by the body.

In a letter to the MPWC, Embrace Dignity also takes issue with the fact that the body does not appear to be representative of all political parties in Parliament despite its claims. 

It is clear that certain individuals and groups are attempting to manipulate the democratic process to achieve their own narrow agenda – driven and funded by foreign interest.

Pro-prostitution groups have slammed the SALRC Report on Adult Prostitution because it recommends government not change the current legislative framework – the total criminalisation of prostitution – and establish diversion programs to help women exit the sex trade.

These groups and the ANC have not only rejected the findings of the nine-year SALRC investigation into Adult Prostitution but also thousands of submissions made by South African citizens.

Apparently, the ruling party will commission studies like the SALRC investigation into Adult Prostitution. But if the results conflict with their well-financed objectives, they simply reject it along with thousands of submissions from South African citizens and organisations.

The same can be said about the pornography plague. The terrible harms of pornography including addictions and sexual exploitation fuelled by porn are well documented in South Africa.

In 2010, Family Policy Institute and the Films & Publication Board hosted a Conference on the Harms of Pornography on Society. The findings were definitive. Porn consumption and addictions are not only destructive to individuals, marriage and family but is a major public health crisis. 

Despite these findings the Films & Publications Amendment Bill legalises the distribution of online pornography in SA. Global research indicates that easy access and frequent consumption of hard-core pornography promotes the social degradation of women and fuels rape and violence. 

The South African government claims to combat sexual violence and abuse of women and children. But its liberal ideology actually undermines its social policy objectives.

Please write to Films & Publications Board acting CEO, Sandile Nene at sandilen@doc.gov.za and urge him to develop legislation to block access to online pornography in South Africa.

Millions of children are easily accessing hard-core pornography on their smart-phones. Child-on-child sexual abuse is rampant. We must eradicate porn to protect women and children.

Errol Naidoo

Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

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