07 December 2017
– by Julia M. Davids

The second Sunday in October every year at Family Church is dedicated to Pastor appreciation service. Natalie, directed the lengthy programme, which incorporated, various items, voice messages and video clips on that Sunday morning was dynamic,

A question one can asked how do we justify such an event on the church`s calendar and what was the congregants at Family Church appreciated for? The rationale for this service was explain to the church as found in 1 Thessalonians 5:12- 13.

The story of Family Church, with Pastor David at its helm, began when a small group of men and their wives prayed with Pastor David on a particular Sunday on the 16 March 2003. These men with exception of uncle Pat who has gone to be with his Lord, were nowhere to be seen on the stage on this Sunday morning. They were in the church directing the service from behind the scene.

Praise and worship has been the hallmark of worshipping God at Family Church. The worship team honoured Pastor David by choosing his favourite worship songs. Few individuals, it was said, have the opportunity to hear their favourite songs being sung while still alive. The dance ministry group danced to the song titled Stand. Nigel dedicated a song to him as well entitled I stand on your word. These songs communicate that although Pastor David has faced challenges in the past he has never given up. He still confidently shares how he stands on God’s word. Every Sunday he preaches God`s word Charlene unashamedly affirms.

Pastor David have impacted the lives of many individuals and families at Family Church. He has imparted the knowledge and the teaching from God`s word to us in so much that we have witness real stories of acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation. Each of these stories are different in nature but a consistent character in each of these stories is the man Pastor David, who walked alongside the other characters in these stories. 

Andrew paid tribute to Pastor David and said that Pastor David was not only interested in his spiritual walk but in all aspects of his personal life. Andrew shared how Pastor lead him to the Lord to dedicating his children. Not only has Pastor David dedicate babies with their parents to the Lord but he stood at a number of open graves and laid the mortal remains of those we came to love at Family Church to rest.

Reece, Pastor David`s son tells the story of how he grew up believing that his father was the boss of Family church only to discover when he was much older that his father was the servant of the church. A humbling experience witnessing his dad as a servant of the Lord.

Neil, an introvert, was applauded when he courageously shared a word of appreciation from the men who prayed together every Sunday morning with Pastor David. Neil has learned from his relationship with Pastor David that we can overcome all our challenges with and by God’s grace and be a servant that God can use to bring others to come to know him.

Heather, Pastor David`s wife in her tribute mentioned the importance /significance of a name given to a child at birth.   David John Livesey was the names given to him by his God-fearing parents.

Vincent, shared that he drove himself to the doctor not knowing that he suffered a heart attack. The doctor advised him that he needed someone to drive him home., and he had nobody. Pastor David`s name came to his mind. He said “ Ek weet Pastor David is `n man wat my sal help.” This is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Vincent personal story described to us how Pastor David lifestyle emulates that of Christ. We came to know Pastor David not only as the pastor who preaches from God`s word but we came to know him as our faithful and reliable friend, on who we can always depend.   

Daylin, who was also mentored by Pastor David shared God`s word. According to Pastor David, in his thanks giving remarks mentioned that, Daylin shared in his message the prophetic confirmation Pastor have already received of what lies ahead for the church and the way forward.

At the end of the service Pastor David, humbled by all the tributes of appreciation showered on him concluded the service by reminding us of the forth coming assignment for the church entitled from Here to There.

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