12 September 2017
– by Premier Journalist

NHS Blood and Transplant has launched a campaign targeting Pentecostal church members to become blood donors.

As part of their campaign, they have offered churches a stakeholder pack, a special prayer and they are forming a NHS Sickle Cell Choir consisting of people who live with sickle cell, their helpers, friends and families. 

Worship leader Donna Akodu is also a donor and she stated: “I’ve become a blood donor because to love is a verb, love propelled me to do something. And this is just my small act of LOVE.”

Award winning gospel rap artist FaithChild added his voice to the campaign stating: “I am a strong believer in being the hands and feet of Jesus whilst here on earth, and what better way is there than to be a help for someone in their time of need. Similar to that of Jesus’ blood, our blood too can save a life.”

Campaign manager and Christian, Geraldine Parker-Smith of NHS Blood and Transplant echoed his sentiment while speaking with Premier stating: “Jesus gave His blood to save our lives…by donating blood, we are literally having to save our neighbour’s lives.

“Christians are commissioned to heal, motivated by compassion and mercy. By giving blood we can save and improve the lives of many people.” 

The NHS is looking for 40,000 black donors.  According to them, 15 thousand people in the UK are living with sickle cell disease with three hundred babies are born with sickle cell disease annually.  Currently, only one per cent of people who give blood in England are black. However, one donation can potentially save or improve up to three lives.

Article source: www.premier.org.uk

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