27 July 2017
–by Ken Ham

Ken Ham, the man behind the Ark Encounter, posted a tweet about the Ark and the nature of the rainbow. He said, Christians need to take back the rainbow as we do @ArkEncounter -God owns it – He decreed it’s a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood.”

Critics denounced his actions, claiming he was appropriating an LGBT symbol.

“This is Ken Ham’s sad attempt to take back the rainbow symbol from the LGBTQ community,” read a headline in the Orlando Weekly. 

“It makes the ark look incredibly gay,” Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Chris Hartman told USA Today.

The Orlando Weekly also said “So, if you ever drive through Kentucky and see a big gay boat off in the distance, just think of Ken Ham.” 

Young Conservatives website responds to LGBTQ attack on Ark rainbow lights (radio commentator Rush Limbaugh posted this yesterday too) – https://www.youngcons.com/life-size-noahs-ark-illuminates-in-rainbow-as-sign-of-gods-covenant-liberals-call-it-appropriation-of-lgbt-symbol/

“LGBTQ people/supporters went berserk on social media when I posted about the rainbow lights on the Ark (that are permanently installed to come on each night) to proclaim that God owns the rainbow and it’s His sign to us of His covenant proclaimed in Genesis 9 after the Flood.

(By the way, many of the tweets and other posts against me/AiG/Ark were hate-filled, sexually perverse, and blasphemous–not for public reading!) 

Here is what this website posted (really couldn’t have worded it better myself)

“Life-Size Noah’s Ark Illuminates In Rainbow As Sign of God’s Covenant, Liberals Call It Appropriation of LGBT Symbol…The problem of course with an appropriation claim is that it’s on the wrong foot. At least according to the Bible, God beat the LGBT community to it by at least several thousand years. And he had a very definitive message in the rainbow that wasn’t exactly LGBT-centered. So hey, guys? You ripped off God. You may not want to push that ‘he appropriated it from me’ argument…”

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