“The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b)

South Africa needs to be healed! So many Christians, over so many years have prayed according to 11 Chron.7:14 and asked God to heal our land.

God is able and wants to heal our land, but He is waiting on us, His people, to do what He tells us to do.

There are 4 conditions to be met before God heals our land. Click on www.itstimetopray.co.za  to find out if you have adheared to those conditions.

God never does anything without a purpose; are you ready for God to heal our land?

ITS TIME TO PRAY JEWELLERY is a beautiful, tangible way to be constantly reminded to pray, to degree, to declare and to confess God’s Word over South Africa (and other nations).


The copper used for our jewellery conforms to medical standards. The bangle also incorporates a small magnet.Copper and magnatism have proved to be benificial to many people, however we do not guarantee that by wearing our jewellery you will experiance the same benefit.We also do not accept any responsibility for any damage to electronic devises that may occur by wearing our jewellery.

Bangles may be ordered without a magnet.

Contact Cobus: 076 565 1999
info@itstimetopray.co.za (orders)
cobus@itstimetopray.co.za (ministry)


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