– by Will Maule

A group of enraged Hindu radicals have beaten a local pastor unconscious after he led five separate families to Christ. Pastor Banothu Sevya, 26, was beaten into a coma for 48 hours following the vicious attack on the outskirts of Jamandlapalli village in Telangana state, India.  

The pastor told Morning Star News that he had been threatened on a previous occasion, but chose to ignore the words of intimidation. “I didn’t pay attention, knowing that when the Lord’s work is taken up, there will be hurdles, and I never complained the police officials,” Pastor Sevya said.

“I told them, ‘I only share the gospel, that we are all sinners, and this world is to come to an end some day. Only Jesus Christ can cleanse us from the sins. He was crucified for our sake, and rose again to present us eternal life. I ask them if there is life in the rocks, trees and water – why worship them?’” 

“I didn’t see where they came from,” he said. “They pushed me off the bike and started beating me with sticks and kicking me. My nose and ears were bleeding. I lost my consciousness.”

“I forgive the youth who attacked, and I am praying for them,” the pastor declared.

Article source: hellochristian.com

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