– by Harold F. Weitsz

In the midst of a rapidly changing world, every Christian should be in a constant state of prayer as the Lord unfolds powerful prophetic revelation. I am very aware of huge spiritual activity both on the side of dark forces as well as the presence of holy angels (Heb 1:14) surrounding us. This is a call to all Christ followers to exercise their spiritual authority through constant and continuous prayer. In April we always celebrate our covenant with God through the Passover season. 

The power released through the blood of Jesus is the foundation of our spiritual authority and is empowered through prayer and spiritual warfare. We need to realise that we are truly overcomers because of our covenant with the Father. The revelation of our covenant power releases in us the boldness to pray against evil forces and take authority over the wicked works of the devil. Righteousness or right living as I call it, not only enhances our prayers, but also leads and guides us. Isaiah 59:8 says, “Your godliness will lead you forward”. By establishing a good relationship with God, we unlock spiritual vision and direction for our future.  

Key prayer points:
• Ask the Lord to bring a spiritual revival to the youth of South Africa.
• Pray for peace and political stability in our government.
• Pray for protection, wisdom, and discernment for the new President as he exposes acts of crime and corruption.
• Pray for rain throughout the nation and entreat the Lord God to forgive and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

JOY! Magazine (April 2018)

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