07 December 2017
– by HelloChristian Staff

When it comes to the homeless, we as Christians are called to be compassionate and caring. We must always seek to show them the love of Jesus and help in any way we can. The need of the homeless is no more apparent than at Christmas, when many, rejected by their families, are forced to spend the holiday’s out on the street, begging for money. So, what can we do to help? Well, evangelist J. John writing at Christian Today has three great suggestions of gifts that we can bestow.  

1. The gift of significance
“If we are Christians we have even stronger reasons for treating such people as being significant. For a start, we should remind ourselves that a homeless person is someone made in the image of God. Indeed we should go further, remembering that we serve Jesus who was born into homelessness, who said of himself that he had ‘no place even to lay his head’ (Matthew 8:20) and who, for our sake, was reduced to public humiliation,” writes John.

“They are human and not a statistic.”

2. The gift of sympathy
“True sympathy is something more than making homeless people into an issue with which to score political points. No, I mean genuine deep concern. After all, no one makes homelessness their career choice.” 

3. The gift of support.
“We may want to give money but a thoughtful and strategic approach to giving support is better than the impulsive, irregular gift. Precisely because of the complexities involved, getting people out of homelessness is hard. It takes time, money and sustained effort.”

Article source: hellochristian.com

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