17 February 2017
– by Jeannie Law

Christians who hold a young earth creationist view should not feel the need to “rectify their faith” or buy into the current scientific paradigm on the origin of the universe, a Bible scholar argued.

Dr. Del Tackett is part of an upcoming film titled “Is Genesis History?” and he’s hoping the documentary will give Christians the confidence they need to stand strong on the Word of God, particularly the creation account, without compromise.

“I’m hoping that people will look at the film and they would realize that they don’t have to accede to the accusation that if you hold to a position of [young earth], of a literal historical position in Genesis, then [you are] unscientific or stupid,” Tackett told The Christian Post during the premiere screening at The Creation Museum earlier this month.

“My hope is that those people that want to hold to biblical truth would walk away with the confidence that there is credible evidence and there are credible scientists, that they could be sure that what God has given us is true and can hold onto that.”

The documentary follows Tackett as he embarks on an eye-opening educational journey through evidence that supports historic claims from the book of Genesis, featuring commentary from renowned scientists and Bible scholars.

The film explores the questions and findings of the universe being created in six literal days, as well as whether or not humans evolved, the validity of a global flood, what happened to the dinosaurs and more.

“Here’s my position, and I think it’s one of the things that I’ve learned throughout the film: We are in an amazing time when the research is allowing us to see so much data that reinforces a Creator, that reinforces what He told us in the beginning,” Tackett said to CP. “And I think it’s going to be increasingly difficult for the current paradigm to last much longer.”

Paradigms that continually have to make adjustments to be considered truth or that constantly need to revisited are usually paradigms that do not hold up, he noted.

“Right now the Big Bang Theory is headed in that direction,” the former president of the Focus on the Family Institute argued. “My personal belief is that Einstein’s theory is also problematic, and Darwin’s theory is most problematic. 

“I would tell Christians, ‘If you are going to put your trust in those and you’re going to say that God’s Word is now just an analogy, or it’s just some kind of simile, you’re twisting the Word of God because of a paradigm that is already really shaky.’ I would say, ‘You have that backwards. We start with the Word of God. We start with the record that God has given to us and stand on that, then begin to view the world around us. That’s when things will make sense.'”

The same is true when people try to make sense of evil, he noted. “If you come from a natural position, you won’t understand it. But if you come from it as it is described in the word of God, then it does make sense.”

But he finds that many Christians today are trying to acclimate their beliefs to what the world is saying about the creation of the earth.

“We live in a time where the current scientific paradigm is infiltrating a lot of the seminaries and a lot of the hierarchy in evangelical Christianity because people have been led to believe that science has settled this issue of deep time,” Tackett lamented.

If Christians are now feeling that they have to somehow rectify their faith for a scientific perspective, Tackett said then they are ripping out the foundation of everything that God has given to His creation.

Claiming that Genesis is what lays the foundation of what’s to come from the coming Messiah, Tackett maintained that God’s judgment for sin is what sent a great flood over the earth, foreshadowing Jesus — the ark in which Christians can now find safety in.

“It lays the foundation for what we see. As God said, there would be a war between the seed of the woman and the seed of Satan. Throughout the Old Testament that’s the battle we see — the battle trying to destroy that seed line that would bring forth the Messiah,” he expounded, observing that if that foundational belief system is removed, then all of the above is lost.

Tackett believes he is called to help the body of Christ stay healthy by capturing a constant systematic biblical worldview. The ordained elder believes it’s paramount for him to help people be biblically rooted because we live in a world in which “scientific paradigm is persuading people to walk away from the biblical historical record.” 

As seen in “The Truth Project,” which Tackett created, the longtime professor has dedicated his life’s work to support belief in a biblical worldview. He says the trouble with considering Genesis “mythical” or an “analogy” is that people lose the historical narrative and the root of a biblical world foundation.

“You lose the concept of a God that speaks life into existence, you lose the concept of male and female, you lose the concept of marriage, and the origin of sin and why there is evil. You lose the concept of a God that is holy, who judges sin and who will judge sin again,” he explained.

What the Bible scholar sees today is a generation caught in the current belief of creation without God.

“The world is still captive in the current paradigm. That paradigm, just as every paradigm in the past, really doesn’t allow any other questions,” Tackett pointed out.

Maintaining that he doesn’t believe the paradigms are “evil” per se, he noted that they just don’t accept information other than what they believe fits in that particular design.

“People are generally still caught up in that world, they still go to universities and schools [that have] textbooks that are underneath that paradigm. They still go to movies, they still go to museums, they still go to the national parks where the [park] rangers are still speaking from that paradigm,” he said. “I don’t know how much our film is going to change that because that’s an overwhelming flood of books, movies, and professors that are out there.”

For those who hold to the conventional belief system in society today, Tackett hopes that they would consider the evidence and realize that their way of thinking has shut out creation scientists because they don’t allow them to come to the table and dialogue.

“That’s really wrong,” he stressed. “We need to have an open discussion, we need to allow this dialogue to take place because true science is really open to hear what people have to say.”

The Colorado Springs resident who served more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force said he’s not optimistic that the paradigm will be replaced with a biblical position because people do not want God in the picture.

“The problem is this: [The creationist] perspective brings us face-to-face with the true God and we know that. Even we as believers have a tendency sometimes to shut Him out. That’s the state of fallen human nature,” he noted.

He does, however, believe that people will see the many problems that exist in Darwinian evolution.

Tackett argued that oftentimes people accept things said by Plato because it was written in a book. But when it comes to things that points people back to God and sin and judgment, they’d rather not accept that to avoid hearing God’s holy and righteous design for their life.

In the documentary “Is Genesis History?” Tackett talks with experts in geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology and more to show that observational science can be used to confirm God’s word.

His hope is that viewers would see the brilliance of the scientists — whom he described as “scary smart” — featured in the film. Those scientists include Paul Nelson (Ph.D., philosopher of science at Computer History Museum), Marcus Ross (Ph.D., paleontologist at Discovery Park of America), Kevin Anderson (Ph.D., Microbiologist at Van Andel Creation Research Lab), Doug Petrovich (Ph.D., archaeologist at Oriental History Museum), and Steven Austin (Ph.D., geologist).

“Several of these men were prodigies as children; they’re very, very intelligent. So those accusations are wrong,” Tackett maintained.

Books and resources will be available to help support the young earth view and provide a pathway for people interested to stand on what the Bible says about creation.

“Parents have to be subjective in helping their kids and themselves to find this material because the easy stuff, the stuff that’s on television and books [is everywhere] but the rest of the [young earth] material is there; they just have to hunt for it,” Tackett concluded.

The Compass Cinema, Thomas Purifoy, Jr. film will be in theaters for one day through Fathom Events on Feb. 23. For more information, visit IsGenesisHistory.com

Article source: www.christianpost.com

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