12 March 2018
– by CBN News

An Ontario court has ruled a Christian couple’s rights were violated when the government closed their foster home for refusing to tell their foster kids about the Easter Bunny.

The kids’ social worker told the court she was paying a visit to the house in April 2017 when she told Derek and Frances Baars that it was their duty to tell the kids about the Easter Bunny. 

The Baars said they would have the kids participate in other holiday activities, but telling children in their care that a fake character was real was a violation of their religious beliefs.

Shortly after, the two girls were then taken away and their foster home was closed.

The couple took the Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton to court a year later.

Now the Canadian Press reports Superior Court Judge A.J. Goodman has ruled in favor of the Baars, saying their religious rights were violated. 

Derek Baars said, “Many Christians have been praying for us and so behind the actions of the judge, for which we’re very thankful, we see the hand of God to direct him in the judgment.”

The couple is now hoping to adopt a child and hopes this ruling will help the outcome of that process.

Article source: www1.cbn.com

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