12 February 2018

As severe drought conditions persist in parts of South Africa a group of churches has called on South African Christians to come humbly before the Lord in prayer on Wednesday February 14.

The Dutch Reformed Church in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape, the Uniting Reformed Church in the Western Cape, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the Congregational Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Africa have jointly urged Christians to make the whole Lent period from February 14 (Ash Wednesday) to March 29 a time for humility and prayer in view of the drought. 

In a letter sent to pastors and congregations this week Dutch Reformed Church Director Synod Ds Danie Mouton asked churches to ring their bells from 12 noon on February 14 to call people to prayer and humbling themselves before the Lord.

He requests congregations to hold a special prayer meeting throughout the day in each community, and to mobilise their communities to participate. Children should be involved in special ways and church leaders could contact schools in this regard. Further tips on how to facilitate prayer opportunities on February 14 will be sent to congregations shortly, he says.

Communities in areas which God has blessed with good rains could pray for drought-stricken areas such as Port Elizabeth and surrounds, and Cape Town which were in a dire situation.

Mouton writes that in such trying times believers are challenged to humble themselves and pray and put their trust in God for a solution. 

“Indeed, in the Bible we see that desert seasons and hard times became opportunities for deep humbling. They were also times in which God made his calling known to people and renewed their understanding of their dependence on Him.”

He concludes: “Let us pray for rain daily — but with teachable hearts and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit regarding our calling. Let us live in peace with one another, in this time, encouraging and praying for each other. And let us give help to those who need a neighbourly helping hand.”

Article source: gatewaynews.co.za

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