11 October 2017

On Sunday, 1 October 2017, a Bike Run, co-hosted by honorable Michael Bagraim MP and Patrick Rolleston from ‘Israel on our Minds’, an official ministry of Desire of all Nations Church in Ottery Cape Town, is headed by Pastor Russel van Wyk.  This event was the culmination of months of hard work to celebrate the successful campaign to raise funds for a Magen David Adom Medicycle to be used in the streets of Jerusalem.

The theme of the campaign, “Time Saves Lives”, describes the purpose of the Medicycle which is fully equipped with all medical equipment used by qualified and trained medical personnel to easily navigate the narrow streets of Jerusalem to reach the scene of accidents, terror attacks, etc. to shorten the waiting period for medical assistance.

In partnership with Mark Hyman from Magan David Adom, S A, ‘Israel on our Mind’s embarked upon this campaign to fulfilling their biblical mandate to love and support the Jewish nation.  The purchase of the Medicycle demonstrates that love and support.

Jewish Bikers from Free Chapter Cape Town and Christian Bikers from Chariots of Fire Biking ministry rode out from Cape Town to Aquilla Private Game Reserve in Touwsriver, where they were hosted by Searl Derman to a wonderful lunch and a “Save the Rhino” tour.

Everyone was unanimous in their praise of the wonderful experience of joining together, Jews and Gentiles, to support the Jewish nation. 

338  Passing through a tunnel towards Worcester.

284  Colin Schulman and Julie Berman (executive director of the SA Zionist Federation Cape Council ) sitting pillion hitting the highway

311  Taking in the magnificent view from the top of Du Toits Kloof Pass during a “stretch break”.

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