14 June 2017
– by Dr. Peter Hammond

This intriguing film is a dramatization of investigator reporter Lee Strobel’s bestselling book, The Case for Christ, which has sold 14 million copies. It is the true story of how he set out to disprove the Christian Faith after his wife, Leslie, became a Christian. When Strobel asks a fellow skeptic for help, he recommends reading Bertrand Russel’s book: Why I am Not a Christian.

To Destroy Christianity
Lee Strobel is challenged by a fellow-journalist that if he wants to destroy the Christian religion, then he needs to demonstrate that the cardinal tenant of that Faith – The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – did not happen. Then he was assured that the remainder of the Christian Faith would collapse “like a house of cards”.

Follow the Facts
As a prize-winning reporter who had won acclaim for taking on the Ford Motor Company over safety issues, Lee Strobel considered that he could demolish the Christian Faith by investigative reporting and consulting the experts. 

Investigate the Sources
As he travels to interview experts, both believers and skeptics, his relationship with his now-Christian, wife deteriorates. Lee Strobel applies his journalistic and legal training to undermine his wife’s new-found Christian Faith by seeking medical evidence that Jesus did not really die on the Cross, manuscript evidence to undermine the reliability of the Bible, psychological evidence that the eye-witnesses were delusional, legal evidence to question their testimonies and forensic research.

Question Everything
The Case for Christ is intense, gripping and captivating. It challenges basic prejudices and presuppositions. Lee Strobel seeks to investigate the facts, check the sources, follow the facts and stack up the evidence. The Case for Christ is a riveting and heartfelt drama. It is an honest search for truth. Both skeptics and believers will appreciate the hard questions and honest look at the evidence. 

Soul Searching
The Case for Christ is terrific entertainment, a well-scripted drama, a soul-searching journalistic investigation for facts, truth and justice. The result is the biggest story of this journalist’s award-winning career.

The Case for Christ film will be in South African cinemas from 15 June. To make a block booking, click here.

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