With technology that’s keeping children indoors and glued to way too many screens, a garden full of fun-filled nooks and crannies will be sure to lure them outdoors. Incorporate some of these clever ideas in your garden and create a space that your children would love to play in and explore.

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Timber Play Structures
Timber structures like these will not only help to create definition and interest in your garden, but it will also create a place where your little ones can build their muscles and imaginations. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME at tel. 011 – 000 0000 to have your custom structure designed, built and assembled.


Mini Gardens
Create a mini garden with your child and spend some wonderful quality time together, whilst teaching them the basics of gardening. Visit YOUR COMPANY NAME for everything you need. Their friendly staff will gladly assist you with finding the correct container to start off with, as well as some pebbles for drainage, some potting soil and suitable plants that will not grow too big or that you can trim from time to time. Contact them at tel. 011 – 000 0000.


Jungle Gyms
Very few children can ignore the allure of a jungle gym, which is a good thing as it has many advantages for them. Not only do they learn how to conquer their fears, but they learn about social interaction and sharing as they play with other children. It is also a fantastic form of exercise, so treat your kids with a state of the art jungle gym in their own back yard. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME at tel. 011 – 000 0000.


Nest Swings
The ‘nest swing’ is a new take on an old favourite. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME at tel. 011 – 000 0000 for more information. Attach it to an existing structure or tree branch or have them erect a sturdy A-frame for you. Whichever option you choose, your kids will absolutely love this.


A Putting Green
Create your own putting green in the backyard using artificial lawn. Big or small, it will be sure to be a hit with young and old. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME at tel. 011 – 000 0000 to purchase the artificial lawn by the meter or get the professionals to come and install it for you.


Raised Herb & Veggie Garden
Discover the joys of vegetable and herb gardening with your children by planting some of your favourites in these attractive, light weight corrugated steel planters. All YOUR COMPANY NAME’s containers have rounded edges to make them child friendly and they’re also very strong and durable, which means that one can safely lean on them. Contact them at Tel. 011 – 000 0000.


Glamping Platforms
Create a gorgeous glamping hide-away for your children by erecting a platform on which you can place a permanent or temporary tent in the backyard. It will soon become their favourite place to play and what fun way to spend a night under the stars when friends come over for a sleep over? Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME at tel. 011 – 000 0000 for more information and pricing.


Rain Water Rock Pool
With the current water restrictions, swimming pools are fast becoming a big no-no. So here’s a great idea to still have a lovely water feature in your garden and a place where the kids can play and cool off during those hot summer months. Make full use of this year’s rainy season by creating a shallow rock pool that gets fed by rain water coming off the roof of your home. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE at tel. 012 000 0000 for more information. They will also be able to give you directions on how to keep the water clean and safe for your kids.


Natural Tree Houses
These organic nest-like structures are too cute for words. It blends in well with any garden and the kids absolutely love it. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME on tel. 011 – 000 0000 to order yours today.


Wendy House For Kids
What child does not love having his or her own little house in the garden? YOUR COMPANY NAME has a variety of styles and colours to choose from, so contact them today to order yours and make your child’s year. They will deliver to your home and will gladly assist with any assembly or positioning that needs to be done. Contact them on tel. 011 – 000 0000.


Mini Streets
This is the ideal way to use that bare space in the backyard and to provide a space where your children can have hours of fun with their bicycles, scooters and mini cars. Simply decide which area you’d like to have done and YOUR COMPANY NAME will clear and tar it for you. Contact them at tel. 011 – 000 0000. Once that is done, you can paint your own lines with road paint from your local hardware store.


Tyre Horse Swings
Upcycling is always a good idea, but when it becomes a cute toy like this, even better. Attach it to a big tree in the garden or a wooden beam on the patio or add it to an existing jungle gym. While you’re at it, make sure to get more than one as these little horsies will soon become the toy of choice in the play area. Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME on tel. 011 – 000 0000 to order yours today.


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