– by Belinda Roux


  1. To bring restoration in our land we need to identify what caused the country to fall apart.  It has become a cliché to say ‘we need to learn from the mistakes of the past’ and that we must do ‘what is politically correct.’  We need to do more than simply look at the past and bring ‘change’.  In our Political society we are faced with so many humanistic claims and clichés. We have all been brainwashed into thinking a certain way and viewing the core of the problem from a certain humanistic angle.  For us to do things in this country as they have been done in the past is like flogging a dead horse.  We need to think in a totally different way to see prosperity here in South Africa again.  Turning back to serving the one and only true God is the only option.  If we do this God will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before.  Deuteronomy 10:13 – So if you faithfully obey the commands I am giving you today – to love the Lord your God and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul – then I will send rain on your land in its season, both autumn and spring rains, so that you may gather in your grain, new wine and oil. I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied.
    Prophesies declare that this country will be destroyed by God if we do not repent of our sins and turn to serve the one and only true God.
  2. John 14:6 – “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – Jesus. This means that only he who prays to God through His Son Jesus Christ may claim to be a true believer. All other religions that come to God in any other way than through Jesus Christ must be considered to be idolatry.
  3. Deuteronomy 11:26 See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse – the blessing if you obey the commands of the Lord that I am giving you today; the curse if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God and turn from the way I command you today by following other Gods…
  4. We created our own man made ideas based to fulfil all our own desires and moved totally away from trusting God and to be obedient to Him.  What is truth is no longer being called the truth and what is false is no longer called false.  No longer is there any real truth in our courts and justice for the innocent and poor.
  5. We have moved away from what God’s will is for our lives. The Bible says that we are God’s children if we obey His commands.
  6. John 15:12 – “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down His life for His friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command.” – Jesus.
    We need to move as an entire Nation back to the basics of that which will please God. The Bible says: Without faith it is impossible to please God. – Hebrews 11:6
    1 Corinthians 13:13 – And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
    Our love for each other has grown cold! People steal from each other; lie to each other, rape, kill, abuse and torture.  There is no longer any true compassion for the weak and vulnerable in our society.  We have tried many avenues but nothing we try to do for our country will work if it is not blessed by God.  We need God’s approval and blessing to become prosperous and so become the bread basket of Africa and the world.
    We must change our way of thinking by accepting to be re educated with brand new views.   We must re educate our nation because South Africans have been brainwashed to believe the lie.  We must move away from believing the lie to the truth.  We held on to believing what is Politically correct and that so-called Political correctness was only based on the indulging ourselves in our own selfish desires and wants.  Society has become twisted and moved away from doing what would please God.
  7. We cannot please God if we do not have faith. Believing in what is not seen must be preached in churches and schools. We cannot have faith if we do not have knowledge.  We have to gain knowledge by being re educated to the truth.   We must be re-educated away from this state of being brainwashed.  Re education must be done in our homes, schools, universities, by our Community Leaders, Media and Political leaders.  “My African Dream Community Development Project” as a non profit organisation must be enforced as compulsory in all schools and must be supported by all School Principals, all staff, all community leaders, all media, all businesses by law with the aim to create a platform for this re education of the nation.  All other re-education besides that by the President him/herself is done by evangelists and motivational speakers at the open days.
  8. This fallen society taught us that we must use condoms to protect us from HIV instead of teaching the youth to steer away from sexual immorality. This fallen society taught us that Gay Marriages is Politically correct, but God calls homosexuality an abomination.
  9. Only marriages between man and woman must be allowed. Homo-sexuals must not be persecuted but should be loved because they are equally precious in the eyes of God. ‘Love the Homo-sexual but hate what they do.’  That means to love them in such a way that they see your good example causing them to long to be like Christ.  This will re-educate homosexuals to live in such a pure way that they will also please God.  Homosexuality must be discouraged by educating them fully in the Gospel.
  10. Homo-sexuals should not be allowed to adopt children as it has been proven that there is more child molestation from homosexual parents than others.
  11. All sexual immorality must be discouraged by creating a new political correctness educating the youth that homosexuality, adultery and pre marital sex is socially unacceptable, that is hurts your own body as the ‘temple of the Holy Spirit’, and it hurts others. It is also against God’s will.  This re education happens through the Media, at schools, Universities and at open days. (See ‘My African Dream Project’)
  12. God wants someone in charge of the country that He places there, not someone who places himself or herself there. It is true that God puts all Governments in place, but it is also true that not all Governments please God in what they do.
  13. That means that if you put a loyal servant of God in a ruling position God will surely bless the country in a great way. All South Africans must realise the importance of getting God’s blessing by focusing on being righteous. Biblical Education must be enforced in schools. Christian student societies must be re enforced in High Schools.
  14. Churches: – There must be finer control over finances.
  15. Any mismanagement of funds or extortion of funds must be exposed in church and punished by law.
  16. Church leaders must give some kind of proof of a true call of God. No church leader must be allowed on the pulpit if they have not been called by God.
    Adultery by church leaders must not be accepted, adulterers must be warned, and if they do not listen be put out of the church.
  17. Church and Media: Re-education of the Nation by daily messages from the President (on every radio station and TV channel), focussing on topics like loving God, loving fellow man, the importance of gentleness and patience, the importance of compassion and empathy for each other, to share your possessions with the poor in sincere love, the importance of kindness, goodness and mercy,  the importance of faith and obedience to God to be able to get God’s blessing on the land, the importance of good knowledge of the Bible, not to worship idols, not to dishonour parents, not to rape, not to misuse God’s name, not to murder, not to steal, not to commit adultery, not to lie, not to covet, caring for the elderly, caring for orphans, caring for widows, caring for HIV sufferers, discipline of children, discipline of adults, self discipline, self-control at all times, faithfulness to spouse, faithfulness to God and fellow man, the importance of peace in the land and not to revel or stand up against authority placed there by God, loyalty to the Government, praying for the President and all major decision makers,  loving the President and being devoted to him or her,  abiding to the rules and laws of the country,   the importance of order in schools and order in public, safety on roads.  God will bless our nation if we bless Israel, THE IMPORTANCE OF LOYALTY TO AND DEVOTION TO  ISRAEL  BY HELPING HER AS THE JEWISH NATION IS THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE (God said to the  father of the Jewish Nation, Abraham: I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you). The Public must be reminded and encouraged to watch these messages daily through ads in the Media.
  18. My African Dream Community Development Project (designed by Belinda Roux) must be enforced by all Government Departments involving the whole society including every business, every corporation, all Universities, all schools, all students, all learners, every private individual, every church, every organisation, and every charity organisation by law.  All those who do not comply will be shamed publically and in the Media as it will be clear that they are enemies of the poor.
  19. My African Dream Community Development Project has a holistic approach. It is geared to successfully uplift all deprived communities (black and white) one by one.  The aim is to start with three schools forming a unit at a time.  The team will go out to each principal drawing up a wish list of what is needed to turn every school into a well functioning top school, aiming to provide in all needs including maintenance, cooking gas, furniture, books, educational toys and internationally designed and Jungle Gyms provided by overseas corporations.  Once the wish list is drawn up a team of volunteers gain various national and international sponsors to supply in all the needs.  All the goods that are to be provided must be presented at an open day.  Sponsors provide a meal and drinks, marquis tent, furniture, technical equipment, and donated goods.  As all Media are compelled by law to be involved advertisements will be sent out to get the whole community involved.  All three schools are served at such an open day meeting.  Public motivational speakers and evangelists get this wonderful opportunity to re educate the nation on topics that will lead to educate and change the hearts of all South Africans, step by step, passing on vital knowledge to the nation. (a nation which stands at the point of destruction because of the lack of knowledge) Because of the vast lack of knowledge due to illiteracy and the lack of education, topics that need to be addressed to fulfil in all needs will be similar to those topics addressed by the President as mentioned in nr. 16 above.  The Gospel will be preached by an evangelist specifically chosen by the President of the country. Free Bibles will be provided to all who attend.
  20. Rewards: All individuals, organisations and members of the community who help and contribute to the success of the open days and the entire project will be honoured according to the merit of what they have achieved to uplift the poor. Rewards will vary in size. “The more you help, the bigger the rewards.”  Special ceremonies will be held that will be televised and broadcasted across the world. At these ceremonies all the CEO’s and Directors who involved their companies in a great way by supplying the most of the goods will be awarded trophies and certificates.  Community members on the ground who helped with maintenance at the schools; helped with feeding schemes; helped in the preparation of the open day and helped with getting the entire community involved will be rewarded according to their good deeds.  These rewards will be appropriate in size depending on how big the effort and sacrifice was to ensure the success of the Project.  These will vary from Medals, certificates, skills training, jobs, housing, maintenance of existing housing, flush toilets, food coupons, prepaid electricity coupons, cell phone airtime, cell phones, lap tops, I pads, minibuses.
  21. What actions will be required of individuals involved on ground level to be rewarded such big prizes?* Reporting criminals, sexual molesters, rapists, murderers, vigilantes, gangsters, and syndicate leaders, drug smugglers and addicts creating a safe house for those in danger from persecution. These brave individuals will be granted the biggest prizes.  Added to the greater rewards would be annuity policies, education funds, life assurance, holiday trips.
    * Promoting the closure of Shebeens educating fellow man on pure living.
    * Taking care of the elderly, widows, orphans and HIV sufferers will be rewarded in a great way.
    * Opening his or her house to become an informal crèche or an after care centre ensuring that there are no children left without supervision roaming around in the streets while their parents are at work.
    * Regarding the open day – Visit each house and each individual personally holding record of each call; promoting every open day. Transporting individuals to the event. Serving food at the event.
    * Lunch breaks at schools; cooking and serving food to the learners.
    * Maintenance of school building and outside area.
    * Transporting adults to adult education classes and skills training classes.
    * Spreading the gospel leading to the conversion of the lost.
  22. Justice Department must be reformed by ensuring that only highly qualified and very experienced judges and magistrates that have proved themselves to be honourable and above reproach may be employed to ensure justice to the innocent and poor.
    The death sentence must return and be enforced for crimes like rape, and murder.
  23. Police: All Police officers with a criminal record must be fired. All senior staff that have proved themselves to uphold the law with honour and integrity and are above reproach must keep their position. All more recent appointments of Police officers who are not fully literate, fully trained and are not working to their full potential must be fired.
  24. All Police officers that are under investigation for crimes must be suspended.
  25. Training of Police officers must be improved radically.
  26. More trained and experienced forensic staff must be employed to make sure that the back log is reduced.
  27. Basic Education: Pre Primary Education to be made compulsory. Fully qualified Grade R Educators to be paid by the State.  Re education of Principals and teachers to focus more on the interaction with the learners than on the unnecessary duplication in class administration.  Simplification of CAPS – focussing on remedial education and the re education of concepts with the emphasis repetition, guarding against rushing through the teaching of concepts.  Special classes must be incorporated in all Government schools.  Well trained and experienced unemployed educators must be given preference when interviewed for teaching positions.  Bible Education must return to all Government and Private Schools by law.
  28. Higher Education and Training: All Government Schools to employ disciplinarians and guidance counsellors. Corporate punishment to return to all Government and Private Schools by law.  This must be enforced by the Principal.  A travelling disciplinarian must visit all schools keeping control over records of punishment by ensuring that no abuse ever takes place.  Re education at open days and PTA Meetings must concentrate on: Discipline and punishment: – ‘Never punish when you are angry’, and ‘discipline with love’.  Discipline must always be positive and consistent.
  29. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Return farms to the original owners. Licences of local fisherman regardless of race must be automatically renewed. Security provided on farms to protect the lives of farmers.  Informants amongst farm workers reporting those who have committed farm murders in the past must be rewarded according to the stipulations on “My African Dream Project”.  Re educating farm workers to love the farmer and be faithful and loyal.  Re educating farmers to love and care for all their farm workers and their needs.  To provide education for the children of the farm workers by building schools on the farms and employing a teacher.  To provide a clinic within walking distance of most of the farms.  Strict laws must be enforced to protect indigenous forests.  Strict control and legislation must be incorporated to prevent pollution in lakes, dams, rivers and wetlands. Financial and practical help by Government in times of drought.
  30. Land Reform must be cancelled.
    Oils spills on beaches must be cleared immediately. Fish farms near public beaches affecting tourism must be prohibited.
  31. Art and Culture: Art exhibitions by local artists at certain public Museums must be promoted and encouraged at no cost to the artist.
    The financial needs of Gospel singers from all cultures must be provided for by their churches if they do not earn much from the sale of their material. Local musicians must be given preference to perform at any venue.  Free transport to local art festivals must be provided by bus companies if book in advance.  Local and established actors must be promoted overseas at no cost by the Head of the SABC, the South African Embassy’s overseas and the South African Government.
  32. Sport and Tourism: If our Nation as a whole turns to God and repents of our sin, overseas Governments will invest as order and discipline will return to society. The whole country will flourish, affecting sport and tourism in a wonderful way.

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