When most of us think of healthy living, things like better eating habits, regular exercise programmes or activities that would reduce one’s stress levels come to mind. Hardly anyone thinks of good blood circulation as being a key ingredient to good health, but it is.

The blood circulatory system, which we often take for granted in our younger years, basically keeps everything going, like a well-oiled machine. It transports much needed oxygen and nutrients to our organs and cells, whilst removing all waste and toxins. This creates a well-functioning immune system and an all-over increase in wound healing, better recovery from injuries, illnesses and pain. As we age or continue living unhealthy and stressful lives, our circulatory system becomes weakened, which can create chronic ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, tinnitus, kidney conditions and many more. All these also tend to get worse with poor blood circulation. 

The research of Dr Rainer Klopp at the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has fortunately given us the amazing BEMER technology as a solution to the problem. The Physical Vascular Regulation Therapy, as it’s known, uses a complex configuration of very weak magnetic field pulses, which stimulates your circulatory system into working optimally. The system can be used by medical professionals or at home to treat a variety of ailments. Rather than focus on only one specific problem, this system boosts your overall health, treating a variety of health issues, all at the same time.

Increased health and rejuvenation, a general sense of well-being, a better immune system, more energy, increased healing of any wounds or sport injuries, effective treatment of most chronic ailments, less pain – this could be your testimonial as well. 

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COMPETITION: 2 Households stand the chance of winning one month’s free rental of a BEMER System. Entrants must reside in South Africa. Simply e-mail us at info@bemer.co.za and put ‘JOY! Digital Competition’ in the subject line. Also include your name, physical address and telephone number with the reason why you’re interested in trying the system. The winner will be drawn and announced on the 15th of March 2017.

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