– by Johan Jacobs

Your body comprises approximately 60/70 % water – you require clean water daily to fulfil the following functions:

• Transportation of nutrients
• Removal of toxins and waste products
• Regulation of body temperature
• Lubrication of joints
• Cushioning of bones and joints
• Cellular functions

The human body loses water through breathing, sweating, digestion, and the elimination of waste products. It is most important to rehydrate by drinking pure water and eating real foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables that contain pure liquids. 

Why is pure water so important?
Your body has been so masterly created; it does not only have a self-healing system, but also a self-cleansing system. All four of our elimination systems, i.e. the bowel, the kidneys, sweat glands, and lymphatic system use water to continuously flush out waste and toxins at a cellular level. But how can water clean out these systems if the water itself has become an actual source of toxins, polluting the body and its delicate systems?
Some toxins are fat soluble and can accumulate in the body. Impure and polluted water makes the body a
very expensive filter with devastating effects that is only noticed years later – as in my case, when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 30. Four years later I was clinically declared medically unfit for work, expecting the worst with advanced MS symptoms. This was all unnecessary and completely preventable. Read my book, Go Natural, for my full testimony and a plethora of advice and suggestions to live “dis-ease” free.

Prevention is better
Believe me, prevention is better and cheaper than to cure. A wise man once said: “The lack of immediate affects leads to the conclusion that there are no effects and we end up living for today at the expense of tomorrow.” To ensure that your body functions optimally in the future, it is very important that you start today to only drink pure water. It is the body’s primary basic need.

What does the water that you drink contain?
Today most people live in cities / big towns and use municipal water that has been chemically treated. The sad reality is that the untreated water used for this may contain sewerage that carries harmful bacteria, parasites, industrial toxic waste chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, automotive pollution, tyre compounds, oils, and petrochemicals to name but a few. Since water is the “mother of all solvents”, the list of possible dissolved pollutants is almost endless. On top of that, water treatment plants use chlorine, aluminium compounds, and many other possible risk factors like fluoride to make our water seemingly clean and drinkable. It might appear clean, but in my view, it is certainly not pure and not advisable to be consumed, especially not over the long term.
You will be shocked to see and smell the revolting distillate / residue that remains behind in a water distiller after only a single cycle of 4 litres of municipal water was distilled.

Water also a source of toxins
As discussed, one of the main functions of water in the body is to flush away toxins, but, ironically, today’s water has become a source of toxins itself. This defeats the very object of drinking water in the first place! You can never detox with impure water as you are continuously reintroducing toxins from water that looks pure. I can imagine that this was not the norm a century ago. The water sources were virtually unpolluted and you could safely drink from almost any river, stream, dam, or well. But, a century ago the health statistics were completely different, people were still healthy and all these modern dread “dis-eases” did not exist. I am definitely not only blaming the pandemic of modern diseases all on water, but since water plays such an integral and important role in the body, it is definitely a very good starting point to invest in your health. Polluted water is the tip of the iceberg, my book exposes the rest of the iceberg. It seems there is a total onslaught on our health. 

How do we purify water to ensure that it is safe to drink?
There are hundreds of purification methods. Water purification and filtration is one of the biggest businesses in the health industry. Everyone claims that their process is the best. Companies make grandiose and often false claims when promoting their products.

The solution – water distillation
During my search for better health I discovered that distillation is the only consistent, infallible, and effective water purification process. It transforms contaminated water into pure life-giving water. It uses the hydrological cycle of evaporation and condensation, just as the process our Creator uses to purify sea water to make sweet, pure rain water. A filter cannot filter out toxic nano-particles like dissolved ionic mater. I have ascertained that only distillation removes all bacteria, industrial chemicals, sewerage, pharmaceutical drugs, toxins, bad tastes, odours, and any other undesirables from your water! It is the only natural flawless process.
With a distiller you can have unpolluted rain water in your own home. The bonus is the refreshing taste of distilled water. A litre of distilled water costs just more than R1 in electricity to distil. It is the cheapest and purest water you can drink. Having a water distiller is a small premium to pay for drinking the preferred water with peace of mind and plenty of cost savings for years to come.

JOY! Magazine (July 2018)

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