–by Keith Strugnell

Grace For Grace is a wonderful new resource for Christians around the world who have a limited understanding and revelation of God’s wonderful grace over our lives. This 2 Part book explores a Q & A with readers, answering difficult questions, and then goes on to share testimonies of believers around the world who have come to know the Lord and His grace. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal book.

“Grace – the very word conjures up feelings of goodness. Like Agape love, Grace is synonymous with God, our heavenly Father. Because grace is the undeserved favour of God, which we cannot earn or pay for, we receive it often through no acceptance on our part, but we can receive grace by applying faith. There is a deterrent to faith that prohibits us from receiving grace – it is called unbelief.

One of the greatest deterrents is a system of “religion” that blocks faith and therefore blocks grace. Religion itself destroys grace and faith, and is nothing more than bondage, which harbours us from the freedom of receiving all that God is wanting us to have and enjoy. All the religions of our day do this – even Christianity, when it is not based on a relationship with the Christ who proclaimed a new covenant. To ignore this covenant relationship is to reject it.

In Grace For Grace, you will find Part 1 to be a series of chapters that explore the Biblical truths concerning Grace. Following each chapter are questions asked by real people who received teaching on an internet forum, where I have answered the questions under guidance of the Holy Spirit and by applying strict reference to the holy Scriptures.

Then in Part 2 you will discover ways in which people without any previous knowledge of the gift of grace came to hear the Word, listen to the Word, obey the Word and do the Word. Their testimonies are nothing short of miraculous, for that is how God operates in lives of people who come to the knowledge of the truth and discover grace and freedom in everyday circumstance.

My prayer is that you, dear reader, will understand, embrace, and demonstrate the Grace of God through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray most of all that as you learn to know the truth espoused in the Word of God, it will set you free to experience all that God intends for you by the grace he wants to deliver to you.” 

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