A Shielding Lotion and how it just may change your life

If you are one of many who are just plain sick and tired of your everyday dry, cracked, red itchy or flaky skin, then now might just be the time to toss out your old conventional artificial moisturiser and try the latest in shielding lotion technology, Gloves In A Bottle.

An invisible barrier that protects your skin
The difference between a shielding lotion and a general artificial conventional moisturiser is that artificial conventional moisturisers are designed to flood the external surface of the skin with artificial moisture. By contrast, Gloves in A Bottle is designed to achieve 2 key requirements when trying to maintain or establish a healthy vital skin. These are
Lock in natural moisture, lipids and oils of the skin for deep rooted nourishment through all 7 layers of the skin, from the inside out
Lock out moisture depleting irritants that our skin comes into contact with on a daily basis such as solvents, chemicals, soaps, dirt etc
In essence, Gloves in A Bottle affords the user the opportunity to “keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out”. Dry skin is inevitably the end result of the loss of the natural moisture, oils and lipids of the skin.

Nourishment from the inside out
Gloves In A Bottle has been specifically designed to prevent the above and has been scientifically proven to be 6 times more effective than artificial conventional moisturisers. Once applied, it creates a totally invisible and undetectable layer on the outer most layer of the skins surface whilst still allowing for your skin to breathe and perspire optimally.
Unlike artificial moisturisers, Gloves in A Bottle does not wash off and comes off through natural exfoliation. A single application will last 4 – 12 hours allowing for maximum benefit ie protection and nourishment from the inside out.

Recommended by dermatologists
Gloves In A Bottle is manufactured in the USA by the leaders in Shielding lotion technology and is recommended and used internationally by more than 9500 Dermatlogists and medical practitioners. It is gentle enough to used on a baby’s bum to lock out the uric acid, yet robust enough that it is used to by some of the largest industrial organisations that include the fuel, manufacturing, hospital, agriculture, chemical & construction industries to mention but a few. Once applied, it leaves your skin with a smooth satin feel and is suitable for use on your hands, face, body and feet.

Ensure a healthy skin
With more than 10 000 000 bottles sold and the fact that a single 240ml bottle will last 6 -12 months ( more than 400 applications per bottle) at an average cost of R20 per month, can you afford not to give it a try? Take a step out of the box, try Gloves In A Bottle and give your body the platform to utilise its own natural moisture, lipids and oils for what they were designed for – creating a healthy vital skin. The results are truly amazing.

Available at selected pharmacies countrywide, buy online at www.glovesinabottle.co.za

JOY! Magazine (June 2018)

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