– by Marc Bredenkamp

If a prophecy is truly from God and received, it will produce a ‘measure of faith’, allowing one to ‘fight a good fight of faith’. One of the most powerful ways a believer can wage a good spiritual warfare is with a true prophetic utterance! Too many Christians are waging a bad spiritual warfare. In order to be effective, in part, to fulfilling prophecy, there are some important guidelines to follow:

1) Ensure that prophecies are recorded
This will ensure that the prophecy can be judged, assessed, warred with in the future, and determined to be a sure word of prophecy or not! There is no Scriptural reference that suggests one can put it ‘on the shelf’. It is either a Word from God or not. Always write the prophecy down! 

2) Determine whether the prophetic utterance is from God or not
You judge the prophecy by it’s ‘content’. No prophetic utterance will ever violate Scripture. Once this is established, the most important way to determine whether a prophecy is from God or not is to ask yourself if any of the parts of the utterance reveal any information about yourself that was not known by the person prophesying? This is usually a good indicator that the ‘secrets’ revealed concerning future events are from God.

3) Wage a good warfare
This is an area that most Christians ignore and it costs them dearly. A prophetic utterance, whether you receive the prophecy through reading of the Word, inspired preaching, a vision, a dream, or prophetic utterance from a person, the Word must be given ‘a voice’. This is known as ‘The Sword Of The Spirit’ – A two edged sword in Scripture is actually described as a ‘two mouthed word’ in the Greek language. God speaks to you by the Spirit of Truth, producing ‘revelation’, which now enables you to ‘wage a good warfare’, using the ‘Sword Of The Spirit’, by speaking that Word; that promise, into the atmosphere.

Our most powerful weapon
This piece of our weaponry is a powerful offensive spiritual weapon and when given a voice, has the power to punish all satanic disobedience that exalts itself against the knowledge of God concerning our lives. Once God has spoken to you and your obedience to that truth is fulfilled, God’s divine perspective concerning your life is revealed, and will always contradict any satanic suggestions or ‘circumstance’. God’s Truth always has the power to change our circumstances. 

Angels are on our side
The way that you ‘Wage A Good Warfare’, is to take the prophecy revealed that you believe, and with faith, simply ‘pray the prophecy’ aloud by declaring and decreeing what God has said, and not what ‘some say’, the ‘enemy say’, or the ‘circumstances say.’ This is how you take your prophecy and bring it into fulfilment.
Giving ‘Voice to God’s Word’, not only manifests His Divine Intervention and will for our lives, but also activates and mobilises His holy angels to assist in the warfare where necessary! “Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, Heeding the voice of His word.” – Psalm 103:20

JOY! Magazine (June 2018)

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