– by Johan Jacobs

Trust me, a healthy and vibrant brain is your most valuable asset. Yes, strong and fit muscles are also important, but without a healthy brain, those muscles will be useless. Your central nervous system (CNS) is key since it controls everything in your body. I want to help you to live in wisdom and to protect your brain and health. Therefore, this article focuses mainly on the effects of fluoride on your CNS.

Make informed decisions about fluoride
Many of us have been pre-programmed (brainwashed) by advertisements in the media that fluoride is excellent for dental health. I believe the opposite is true. On my journey to recovery from advanced Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I realised that it should brought to people’s attention, even though it is a controversial subject, so that they can make informed decisions.


Natural toothpaste vs. fluoride
I was privileged to visit Dr. Hal Huggins (an American toxicologist and dentist that informed the public about the dangers of mercury in fillings, root canal fillings, tooth implants, and fluoride) at the Huggins Diagnostic Centre in Colorado Springs. He said that the success rate of healing for MS patients increased with his discovery that fluoride in all its forms aggravates the disease. It is important to avoid fluoride at all costs. This includes not drinking fluoridated water, and to avoid fluoridated toothpaste and dental treatments. Dr. Huggins says: “The ingestion of this chemical retards the patient’s healing, or can lead to a relapse of MS.”

A fluoride-free home
Today, 14 years later, I have recovered completely from Primary Progressive MS. As a family we make sure there is no fluoride in our home. We brush our teeth with a natural non-fluoride toothpaste and often use the tooth salt mixture as explained in my book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living. It cleans far better, strengthens and heals your gums, and is much more affordable. I make it once a year at a fraction of the cost of buying toothpaste.  

Fluoride can lower IQ
A recently published meta-analysis of Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have significantly lower IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas. “Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain-drain”, according to Philippe Grandjean, adjunct professor of environmental health at Harvard School of Public Health.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin
According to naturalnews.com – an independent website with articles on natural and alternative health topics – fluoride is widely touted to protect our teeth, but it is actually a poisonous chemical that causes cancer, damages our nervous system, and can even cause weak teeth and bones. Fluoride is common in rat poison. In an article found on www.bebrainfit.com, Fluoride Is a Neurotoxin: 9 Ways It Harms Your Brain, it states that fluoride is a toxic substance often added to toothpaste and water supplies to build healthy teeth. However, fluoride is not necessary for healthy teeth and most countries do not add it to their water supply. In fact, fluoride is a known neurotoxin that directly, and indirectly, affects the health and function of your brain.

How to avoid fluoride
For most of us, the main source of fluoride is in toothpaste and drinking water.

1. Make your own cost-effective toothpaste. You will find the recipe in my book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living. Alternatively, toothpaste without fluoride is available in stores.

2. It is hard to find a water filter that effectively removes fluoride. Distillation is the only way to purify your water properly. You literally make your own rain water to drink. (We offer four different water distiller options on our Go Natural online shop.)  

How to grow & maintain strong teeth
Dr. Weston Price, a dentist from Ohio, did research in the 1930s about nutrition and degeneration (especially of the teeth). He is viewed as the Isaac Newton of nutrition, and has proven that poor nutrition causes physical degeneration. These nutritional injuries normally manifest first in dental cavities, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, a weak immune system, and many more ‘dis-eases’ that originate from poor modern nutrition in packaged foods. These ‘dis-eases’ could have been prevented had the modern food industry adopted his advice. Courtesy to Dr. Price, the natural remedy to heal dental cavities and to develop strong teeth and bones is well documented in my book under the protocol, ‘primitive control of dental caries’. One of the most powerful foods that helped our predecessors to develop and maintain strong teeth and bones is traditional made bone broth, slow-cooked for at least 24-48 hours with a bit of vinegar in pure water. You literally are drinking and eating a liquid bone and teeth cocktail.

Protect your family
These, ‘nutritional injuries’, as Dr. Price calls it, are subtle in the beginning, but years down the line can be fatal when one is exposed to more risk factors that releases dangerous toxins from dental restorative procedures, i.e.; root-canals and mercury amalgam fillings that creep into your body unnoticed. In effect we have double trouble, firstly toxins from modern food and then from modern dentistry.

Sadly, this is a slow but sure erosion process that strips you of your health and vitality – and doctors often do not get to the root cause. It has been said that the lack of immediate effects leads us to conclude that there are no effects – we then live for today, at the expense of tomorrow. Protect yourself by following the Go Natural diet and lifestyle.

Article source: JOY! Magazine (November 2018)

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