– by Harold F. Weitsz

I prophesied 2018 to be the year of rejuvenation, which ushered in a new era both in the Church and nationally. Pentecost signifies the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and prayer always precedes worldwide revivals. Compare Acts 1 & 2. The Lord has often had to bring a nation to its knees so that the Church can experience renewal and a fresh anointing. Prayer always brings us into the presence of God and is God’s key to revival and healing of nations. 

South Africa has come through a major transition, which we can truly ascribe to the constant prevailing prayer of the Church. I believe this to be a worldwide phenomenon that is ushering in the preparation and coming of our Lord Jesus. We, as the Body of Christ, set ourselves up to become more than conquerors through prayer. Never has there been such a demand on the church to pray than right now. The political tensions, drought, racial hatred, crime, corruption, and immorality have been the themes for many years, and I believe that we have cracked the whip in the spirit. 

I’ve experienced several visions where spiritual forces have been driven back by our authority, through powerful intercession. This formidable principle can also be applied to a person’s individual life, and the same results will also be attained. Join forces with us as we pray for a mighty outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit during this time of Pentecost and His blessing to manifest on our land.

JOY! Magazine (May 2018)

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