Tamryn Klintworth – February JOY! Article

– by Tamryn Klintworth

As we prepare for our first crusade for this year in Hosaena, Ethiopia (22 – 25 February) my mind is drawn back to our last crusade that was held in December 2017 in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. Our crowd grew service after service until the venue swelled with 40 000 people on the Sunday night. Throughout the crusade week, our ushers laboured to collect the details of those who received Jesus as Lord. Follow-up material was distributed and the pastors worked hard to pull these fledgling believers into the local churches. A fantastic total of 20 346 precious people called upon His Name and received material. 

How thrilling! Throughout our time in their town, the pastors kept thanking us for preaching the pure Gospel, voicing how so many proclaim a twisted, corrupted version. “You have shown us how the Gospel should be preached,” they say. This compels us. We need to push harder and harder, declaring the truth until all Africa knows our Saviour King! You can help us, dear friend. Please visit www.inhisname.global or contact us (info@inhisname.global / 021 556 0762) and become a prayer or financial partner. In fact, all who commit to giving R250 or more each month will receive a free copy of the revised and expanded edition of my book, Spirit of Fire, newly released. Together with you, Africa can be saved!

JOY! Magazine (February 2018)

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