Tamryn Klintworth – November JOY! Article

– by Tamryn Klintworth

Our team was on a crusade. The time had come to pray for the sick and a long line gathered. I came to an elderly woman with a walking stick and instinctively bent down, laying my hands on her legs. “In the Name of Jesus, legs be healed,” I prayed, before moving on. Shortly thereafter an usher tugged at my elbow. She was very excited. “Evangelist,” she exclaimed, “that old lady, she can see!” I turned to look at whom she was pointing. It was the woman with the walking stick. She stood wide-eyed, looking around with great amazement. 

“What do you mean?” I asked the usher. “I thought there was something wrong with her legs?” “No,” came the response, “that old lady was blind, that is why she had the stick.” Gosh, did I laugh at myself! I marvelled at the power of God. He was so keen to heal that He took my heartfelt prayer and sent it from a pair of legs to a pair of eyes, making the miracle happen. Dear friend, God is hungry to touch the lost and the hurting. Be the vessel: Let Him use you. Speak to others about Jesus, pray for people in His mighty Name. The power of our Lord is not restricted by the simplicity of our words or human error.

JOY! Magazine (November 2017)

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