Plundering Hell, Populating Heaven!

– by Tamryn Klintworth

God loves us with an indescribable love. He reaches out for us and obsesses over us. I have written an e-booklet called When God Comes Down that will bless you abundantly. It is downloadable for free from and centres around two passages in which God came down in the midst of two very different groups of men and women. The first is Acts 2:1-4. Therein, the Spirit of God descended upon the early disciples, filling them with Himself. The second is Exodus 19. Therein, God settled upon Mount Sinai in order to relay the ten commandments and their accompanying laws. In both passages, God came down. 

There are stunning truths hidden within and striking comparisons that can be made. The two passages reflect each other in remarkable ways. What I unpack in this little booklet will inspire and challenge you in your walk with the Lord. Do download such and dive into its contents. On the crusade front, my team and I continue to plunder hell and populate heaven. Be blessed by the daily reports from our time in Jinka, Ethiopia last month (these can also be found on our website) and pray for our upcoming crusades still to be held this year: Xigalo (South Africa), Sawla and Yirga Alem (both in Ethiopia). In His matchless Name, Africa is being saved!

JOY! Magazine (July 2018)

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