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Around the world and in South Africa, CEF offers different types of training programmes to equip those who want to be involved in children ministry through innovative, practical training for sharing the Good News with children in any environment.

Teaching children effectively
Are you serious about reaching children? Then you need serious training.

About the course:
The course provides the methods and procedures to lead children to Christ and immediately equips the believer to begin and sustain a ministry where he/she lives.

Course objectives:
To provide each student with:

  • Increased knowledge about the spiritual needs of children
  • Effective methods of evangelism
  • Basic skills for organising and conducting productive children’s Bible classes
  • Practical ideas which make learning enjoyable for boys and girls

All course instructors specialise in children’s ministry and are trained and certified by CEF Inc.

Course accreditation:
TCE is an extensive course of the Children’s Ministries Institute®. Credit for this course, taken in any of the nine provinces in South Africa, may be applied toward the complete 12-week diploma programme.

Course subjects:

  • The Child in the New Testament
  • The Importance of Conversion
  • How to Lead a Child to Christ
  • Encouraging the Newly Converted Child
  • Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation
  • The Invitation
  • Counselling the Child for Salvation
  • The Neighbourhood Outreach
  • The Importance of the Teacher Discipline
  • Visual Communication in Teaching
  • Scripture Memorisation
  • Teaching with Music
  • Teaching Children to Pray

Course prerequisites:
To enrol in TCE Level 1 you must be:

  • A born-again Christian
  • At least 15 years of age
  • Willing to participate in all class activities including practicum sessions
  • Have attended a CEF seminar and be involved in reaching unreached children 

Children’s Ministries Institute
The Children’s Ministries Institute provides specialised, practical training in children’s ministries not found in Bible colleges. The 12-week curriculum consists of three phases:

Children’s ministries (Weeks 1-5)
Gain insights for understanding, evangelizing and discipling children through a variety of methods and programs.

Teacher training (Weeks 6-7)
Pass on your training and passion for children by systematically discipling and equipping teachers to minister effectively to children.

Leadership development (Weeks 8-12)
Called to ministry? Cultivate the qualities necessary to administrate a children’s ministry and to give godly leadership.

Who should attend the CMI?
– Christians interested in the evangelism of children.
– Bible School students who wish to supplement their training with a course in child evangelism.
– Missionaries interested in the evangelism of children.
– Those who feel called to a full-time ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Conditions of acceptance
– Born again and seeking to live a consecrated Christian life.
In agreement with the CEF Statement of Faith.
– Bible knowledge and some experience in evangelism.

Where is CMI presented?
Each year students from a number of different countries attend the CMI in Vereeniging. The same 12-week course is also offered in locations across the World. 

Super seminars
Super Seminars include dynamic training sessions for Children’s Workers.
Seminar topics include:


  • The Final Authority (Why Evangelise Children?)
  • 1, 2, 3, Jesus Loves Me (Helping Children Understand the Message of Salvation)
  • Guiding the Child to the Saviour (Counselling the Unsaved Child for Salvation)
  • Inside—Outside (Ministering to Children Through the Local Church)

Child study

  • From a Child’s Perspective (Understanding Children)
  • Discover Your Child’s World (Age-group Characteristics)
  • I’m Not Too Little! (Taking the Preschool Challenge)

Teaching God’s Word

  • Life-changing Evangelistic Bible Lessons (Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation)
  • Life-changing Growth Bible Lessons (Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation)
  • Drawing in the Net (The Salvation Invitation)

Class hour

  • Foundations for Life (Bible Verses—More than Memorising)
  • I Will Sing a New Song (Singing—Music with a Message)
  • Around the Corner—Around the World (Missions—Bringing the World to Your Class)
  • Review Can Be Exciting! (Enhancing Learning in a Fun Way)
  • Managing Your Classroom (Dynamics of Discipline)
  • Visualize or Fossilise (Using Visual Aids Effectively)


  • Basic Steps to Maturity (Teaching New Christians)
  • Gourmet Food for the Soul (Growing Through God’s Word)
  • Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving (Learning to Pray)
  • A Living Sacrifice (Consecration—My Life Set Apart for God)
  • One Step at a Time (Victory Through Christ)

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