– by Pastor A.Govender

A skeptic once asked me: “How can you trust what Jesus said.” “That’s a reasonable question”, I replied. I further added: “The same can be asked of any religious claimant. How can you trust what Buddha, Mohammed or Krishna had to say.”

He then asked, “Can you then scientifically prove the virgin birth.” I immediately responded with, “No, you cannot prove it scientifically.” I went on further to ask: “what is the scientific method of testing anyway.” Being a science student myself, I’ve learnt that the scientific method for testing requires reasonable sampling, reconstructing, experimenting, evaluating and documenting. This must often be repeated several times in a controlled environment to get accurate data readings. So it’s not that the virgin birth can’t be scientifically proven, it’s simply a case of using the incorrect method of testing – Science can’t always prove an historic event. 

There is very little you can do to prove what you did at 10am last Saturday morning or that you had a Caesar salad two days ago for lunch. I heard someone say, ‘what’s the point of hitting a hole in one at your favorite golf course if there is no-one around to watch it happen.’ History is often proven through oral narratives, eye witness accounts and written documentation. So if you are looking for validation of the virgin birth, you’ve got to look at the testimonies within the historic framework and the Gospel records are a good place to start.

Furthermore, in the NAS publication on Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science, the following statements appear: “Because science is limited to explaining the natural world by means of natural processes, it cannot use supernatural causation in its explanations… Indeed all of science, is necessarily silent on religion and neither refutes nor supports the existence of a deity or deities” [NAS, 1998].

Science has many times reached a dead end for an explanation. In fact, The Department of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine stated that ‘major scientific institutions claim that science cannot test supernatural worldviews.’ Science doesn’t fail in an attempt to explain the supernatural, it simply isn’t adequate enough to do so – its hands are tied. 

The virgin birth therefore has more grounds to be a supernatural phenomenon than it has grounds for being scientifically disproved. The young mother to be, Mary, was also daunted by this and said: “How can this be, since I have not been intimate with a man” [Holman Christian Standard Bible]. With such mockery posed by those who are defiantly against the virgin birth, we must also consider that the virgin birth is something unique to Jesus Christ. No other religious figure in history as held true to such a claim. Some may say that this is grounds to show Jesus didn’t exist but then we fail to realize that the virgin birth story is not exclusive to the Bible. It’s really interesting that people will often roll their eyes at Christians for embracing the virgin birth, but never batter an eyelid at the Quran which confirms the exact same thing. In fact, the Quran also confirms that Jesus did many other supernatural things. So was there something about Jesus’ birth that tell us He was more than a mere man, Perhaps God? – The truth be told!

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